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PUBG Mobile takes the spot as the world’s highest-grossing mobile game

PUBG brought in more than $146 million in revenue just in May alone.

Written by Haydn Fleming on July 25, 2019 10:05 am

PUBG Mobile has been the most popular mobile game on the market for a while now, with over 100 million monthly players. Now PUBG Mobile has also become the top grossing mobile game in the world: collecting more than $146 million in revenue for the month of May (as reported by The Financial Times).

Game For Peace was published at the beginning of May and was responsible for $70 million of their revenue for the month, while their standard PUBG Mobile version was responsible for $76 million. The company makes the majority of their money off of the in game items and skins that players can buy for more customization options.

The ridiculous growth spurt in revenue is mostly due to the companies new Game For Peace, the Chinese adaptation of PUBG Mobile that is designed to comply more closely to the governments more strict regulations on the video game market. When a player “kills” another player they hand you a loot box and wave goodbye, it’s actually pretty wholesome.

These changes to the core game concepts highlight the difficulties gaming companies face trying to implement their games in China, where the government is cracking down on titles that it sees as “corrupting” for their people.

In February, the government regulators stopped approving new video game licenses altogether, stopping the development process and release of new video game content in the country. Many analysts have worried that all of these restrictions would decrease revenue streams for big gaming companies, but these changes have almost seemed to increase a games success in the region. If a gaming company can complete a game and get it approved and released in the region it is almost a guaranteed success due to the lack of competition in the market.

The climate of game sales in the US market is much more competitive than that in China because there is such a high demand that isn’t being fulfilled.