Cavern Climb

Rating: 5 out of 5.

New mobile game brings back the classic Mario era platformer done right?

Star Technologies’ new hit app is making waves on the iOS App Store

For the first time in a long time it seems that the nostalgic feel of the classic platforming games we all know and love from the original Nintendo titles, crossed with a modern re-skin on mobile devices, actually worked. So often we see game developers trying to reinvent the wheel and create something new and revolutionary, in the attempt they often ruin what could’ve been a great game. But the team at Star Technologies developed Cavern Climb with one thing in mind. Simplicity, the reason the classic platforming titles are still among many peoples favorite games is because of the simplicity of the controls matched with a unique level design that still allowed the game to be difficult. That’s exactly what Cavern Climb represents.

Cavern Climb is the latest passion project to come out of the start-up studio Star Technologies also well known for creating Bounce Infinite inspired by the classic “Impossible Game”

Simple controls, jump left, jump right, and drop straight down. Pair this with clever and unique level design, 3D rendered assets, a vibrant and modern visual design, as well as the modern take on the infinite level system, allows the game to have a addicting, and challenging game-play loop.

For those of you interested in climbing your way out of the danger ridden cavern, download it today on iOS or Android, let us know what you think!